Distracted Driving Featured on the Mary Hanson Show

mary hanson show
Broadcast December 29, 2014 on Minnesota Public Television.

Mary Hanson spoke with Vijay Dixit, Founder of the Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation and Frank Hornstein, MN State Representative and Chairman of the Minnesota House Transportation Committee, about distracted driving.

They discussed how Vijay’s daughter was killed because of a distracted driver and how that affected his family. Frank Hornstein discusses what legislation is being put in place to help prevent accidents like that from continuing to happen. [Read more…]

Hello Parents! Get Ready for Your Own Driver-Ed Class


Is the above statement a hoax? No, it is true. Beginning January 1, 2015 a new Minnesota law goes into effect that affects your young wannabe drivers. If you are assigned to help a youngster obtain a driver license, your responsibilities just went up a notch.

You will now need to attend a parent awareness class along with your young driver-ed student. [Read more…]

Changes to Graduated Driver Licensing Law for Teens

January 1, 2015

Key Messages

1. Traffic crashes are a leading killer of Minnesota teens.

  • A major reason is that teens are the most inexperienced drivers on the road.
  • They’re more likely to take risks, be distracted by teen passengers and not wear their seat belts as much as other motorists and passengers.

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2014 Enhanced Graduated Driver Licensing Legislation Brief

Chapter 261 - H.F. No. 2684 Signed by Gov. Mark Dayton on 5/16/2014

MN Statutes, Section 171.0701, Subdivision 1a Effective the day following final enactment

Each school must establish a schedule or procedure for providing “Supplemental Parental Curriculum” to any primary supervisor who chooses to receive it.

At a minimum, the supplemental parental curriculum must:

  1. Be at least 90 minutes in length;
  2. Be provided by or in the presence of a driver education instructor; and
  3. Provide information concerning graduated driver licensing, safety risks associated with novice drivers, potential influence of adults on driving behavior of novice drivers, and additional resources.

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