The 10th Annual Raksha 5K Run/Walk to Defeat Distracted Driving

Saturday, August 5, 2017

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On November 1, 2007 we lost Shreya to a Distracted Driver. We miss her dearly. We thank those who helped at that time and continue to support us in our resolve to build a distraction-free driving environment. - The Dixit Family

Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation Inspired Distracted Driving Story Wins Midwest Emmy Award

In a series of stories, KARE 11 set out to expose the true consequences of texting and driving, first by showcasing the sorrows of the crime, by hearing from grieving parents who lost their children from the deadly behavior. A young man explains the irreversible choice to send a text behind the wheel, a split second decision that took the life of a classmate. Our research also set out to expose the brain science behind why the habit is so addictive.

Special thanks to Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation for introducing KARE 11 to the characters in this series, offering the compelling and tragic truth of texting and driving behavior. The story received a regional Midwest Emmy award in the fall of 2016.

-Lindsey Seavert, KARE11 (NBC Affiliate), Minneapolis, Minnesota


This new book by Vijay Dixit, of the Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation, is a one-of-a-kind resource that brings together real-life stories, facts and figures, fascinating research about our behavior behind the wheel, and expert perspectives on how we can end the distraction epidemic. It is a book no driver can live without.

“A call to action, written with heart” -Senator Amy Klobuchar

One Split Second will be available for sale at the 9th Annual Raksha Walk on August 6. The author will be present to autograph the book.

Dr Kailash Satyarthi and Vijay Dixit
Vijay Dixit presents his book 'One Split Second', about fixing the Distracted Driving Epidemic, to Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Kailash Satyarthi during his visit to Minneapolis.

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