2020 summer internship (1)

Thank you to all that applied to our Summer 2020 Internship! We had over 65 applications from around the country - ranging from Texas, New Jersey, California, and locally in Minnesota. It was a hard decision, but we selected the best suited candidates which you can see below. We are so proud and excited for the work they will accomplish over the next 6 weeks!


Alexis Moy, Mentor

Junior at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

IMG_7010 - Alexis Moy

Elizabeth Wang, Intern

Junior at Minnetonka High School

Elizabeth Wang - Amy Wang

Nayan Narula, Intern

Junior at Southwest Senior High School


Molly McCloud, Apprentice

0E537C04-9B04-452C-BF14-422F5A862F2D - Molly McCloud


Brett Zeligson, Mentor

Freshman at Princeton University

Brett Zeligson - Brett Zeligson

Nidhi Maurya, Intern

Sophomore at UC Berkeley

Nidhi Maurya - Nidhi Maurya

Jonah Kandikatla, Intern

Senior at Eden Prairie High School

Jonah Kandikatla - Jonah K

Rahul Chimata, Apprentice

Sophomore at Eden Prairie High School

rahul.chimata - Rahul Chimata


Jacqueline Jobin, Intern

Senior at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

0 - jacqueline jobiin

Devna Panda, Intern

Senior at Eden Prairie High School

Devna Panda LinkedIn Picture - Devna Panda

Harini Senthilkumar, Intern

Sophomore at Eden Prairie High School 

HariniProfile - Harini Senthilkumar


Maximillian Dewberry, Intern

senior pic - Max Dewberry

Aditi Edpuganti, Intern

Wayzata High School

Aditi Edpuganti - Aditi Edpuganti

Elizabeth Becker, Intern

Sophomore at Central Public High School

Elizabeth Becker - Elizabeth Becker


Siddharth Gupta, Liason

Siddharth,Gupta - Siddharth Gupta

Sam Fronek, Liason

Freshman at UW-Madison

51DA5B96-A1D5-46C3-A8ED-8829B8514BCE - Samuel Fronek


Amy Wang, Admin Committee

Junior at UC Berkeley

Amy Wang - Amy Wang

Abhi Nallamalli, Raksha Walk Marketing Committee Leader

Freshman at UW Madison
E826DA4E-3BFB-416C-B24D-75DA11C0FDD1 - Abhiram Nallamalli
Rohit Ravichandran, Video/Visual Committee Leader
Freshman at University of Minnesota
Rohit Ravichandran - Rohit Ravichandran

Suvarna Nallamalli, Admin Committee

Junior at Carlson School of Management, Serves as the Youth Outreach Director 

Suvarna Nallamalli - Suvarna Nallamalli
Saathvika Yeruva, Writing Committee Leader
Freshman at University of Minnesota
Saathvika, Yeruva - Saathvika Yeruva
Iesh Gujral, Marketing Committee Leader
Junior at Eden Prairie High School
Iesh Gujral