Our Interns are making huge impacts on the community

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Community Outreach and Activism

Our interns formulated a social media challenge called the Traffic Safety Selfie Challenge - where teens nominated their friends and peers to post photos of themselves in the car (while not driving, of course) to raise awareness and promote safe driving habits. Here are a few of the submissions we got on Instagram.

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Students for Safer Streets Outreach at the Eden Prairie 4th of July Celebration

Interns from Students for Safer Streets showed up in a big way at the Eden Prairie 4th of July celebration! They were there promoting distraction-free driving, and attained 147 signatures on a pledge to drive distraction free.

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Meet the Interns

Iesh Gujral

Iesh Gujral

Marketing Team Head

Director of Teen Outreach



IMG_7010 - Alexis Moy

Alexis Moy



Nayan Narula


Elizabeth Wang - Amy Wang

Elizabeth Wang


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Molly McCloud