A Letter from Shreya’s Family

“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” -Morrie Schwart

Shreya Rekha Dixit, of Eden Prairie, MN, turned 19 on September 16, 2007. She joined University of Wisconsin, Madison as a sophomore in the fall to pursue a degree in International Business. Shreya completed the freshman year at Bryant University in Rhode Island where she was named to the Dean’s List for academic excellence. Her life was cut short when she was fatally injured in an accident on November 1, riding a car to spend the weekend with her family in Minnesota.

Shreya loved music. She was a soprano with the Minneapolis Youth Opera/Bel Canto Voices and a vocal music student at the Macphail School for the Arts. She was a 2006 Honors graduate from Benilde St. Margaret, Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Armed with great potential she was carving a path to a bright future. All came to a sudden halt on November 1.

In her short 19 years she had done enough community volunteer service that people double her age would envy. Even after her passing she continued to give. She had opted to be an organ donor. Her corneas were recently implanted providing the Gift of Vision to one person in Ohio and another in Arizona. As of June 30, 2008 Shreya had already contributed to twenty seven transplants carried out across the country.

Shreya’s passing has created a deep and permanent void in the lives of sister Nayha, Mom & Dad. We miss her tremendously. But we want to remember her dearly in the spirit of her unconditional gift to those who would remain anonymous.

We love you Shreya.
Vijay, Rekha and Nayha