First Winner of Driver Ed Awareness Award: Congratulations-Taylor Buy

Taylor Buy of Minnehaha Academy wins $200 under the newly instituted Drive Awareness Awards to be given out throughout the year.

Taylor wrote the following poem.

Too Late

You’re driving with friends,
You’re having a blast,
You’re on your way to a party, it’s too late to go back…

The day is clear,
The best song is on,
But you jam out just a little too long…

You never saw that car,
You were going to fast,
But it’s way too late and then…CRASH!

The airbags deploy,
Crunching metal, shattered glass,
And now it’s too late, it happened too fast…

Black dots cloud your vision,
The seats are blood-tainted,
And now it’s too late, away you have fainted…

You wake up in the hospital,
It feels as though your head will explode,
Last thing you remember, you were out on the road…

Then you get the news,
You’re whole world is at it’s end,
And now it’s too late, because you’ve just killed your friend…

To go back to that moment,
If only you had reacted,
It’s too late now, but next time…
Don’t drive distracted.