EyeDa fosters a community of the brightest and most talented individuals to advance road safety through innovative research initiatives.

We have a global team composed of individuals from around the world:

EyeDa is a research-based organization dedicated to advancing road safety. Here are a few of our current projects:

EyeDa Safe Maps

  • We aim to improve road safety by using historical accident data. We are developing a route planning algorithm to suggest safer routes and analyzing accident trends to identify hazardous areas.

EyeDa App

  • We hope to use the art of gamification to advance road safety by creating an app that incentivizes safe driving. Whether that’s following the speed limit or making sure your acceleration trends aren’t too fast, we want you to score points for your healthy driving etiquette.

EyeDa Hardware

  • We’re developing a portable device that performs on-device monitoring and processing to detect and alert drivers of distractions by monitoring their behavior. This technology is designed to provide an affordable alternative to the expensive safety upgrades offered by car manufacturers.

Distraction Free Driving Community

Every year we aware and motivate many people to create a distraction free driving society.

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Vijay Dixit

Mentor (Chairman Shreya Foundation)

Arun Batchu


Yash Dagade

Rahul Chimata

Abhi Nalamelli

Ronia Mukherjee

Nikhil Kori

Amar Dani

Akshay Nambudiripad

Pranika Kumar

Arjun Samavedam

Iesh Gujural

Surjo Dhar

Mani Changda

Emily Zhou

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