First Distracted Driving Summit | With Senator Amy Klobuchar

The Dixit family traveled to Washington DC at the invitation from US Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood to attend the First Distracted Driving Summit held on Sep 3-Oct 1, 2009. Senator Amy Klobuchar was the keynote speaker at the summit. In her address the senator recognized the Foundation’s distraction-free driving campaign and efforts in Minnesota. The senator later met with the Dixit family.

Youth groups, educators, technology developers and legislators were among more than 350 attendees. More than 5000 from different schools in the country participated in the live webcast. The Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation announced a $5001 award for the best youth essay written to raise awareness to the cause of distracted driving.

Dixits also were also part of a press conference with the national media that included major radio and TV networks, and national newspapers.