Hello Parents! Get Ready for Your Own Driver-Ed Class

Is the above statement a hoax? No, it is true. Beginning January 1, 2015 a new Minnesota law goes into effect that affects your young wannabe drivers. If you are assigned to help a youngster obtain a driver license, your responsibilities just went up a notch.

You will now need to attend a parent awareness class along with your young driver-ed student.

There are new requirements for the Graduated Driver Licensing Law for teens under 18. To get a provisional license for the teen, one of the parents need to attend a parent awareness class to be offered by the driver education program. This parent class targets teen driving risks, teen driving laws and adult influences on teen driver behaviors.

In addition to the certificate of completion of the parent awareness class from the Driver-Ed program, the parents are now responsible for 40 hours of behind the wheel practice, of which 15 hours must be at night. In the old law they needed to have 30 hours of practice with 10 nighttime hours.

For those parents who do not attend the above class they must provide at the time of teenager’s road test:
  • A log certifying that the teen drove under the supervision of an adult licensed driver for a minimum of 50 hours, of which 15 hours were at night
  • A parent must sign the supervised driving log
  • The above driving log also becomes a permanent part of the teen’s driving record
As a parent:
  • Never assume that just because your teens are now armed with a driver license, they are also competent at managing every driving situation
  • Continue to supervise their driving after they’re licensed
  • Discuss driving responsibilities with your teen
  • Establish clear family driving rules and follow through with consequences when warranted.

The Parent Awareness will train you on how to best manage your newly minted driver.

So, get ready for your lesson.

It will serve as a lifesaver for your young one.

Good Luck.

Vijay Dixit, Chairman
Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation