Minnesota Police Are Getting Creative To Catch Distracted Drivers

Police in Eagan, Minnesota boarded a school bus on April 24th to catch distracted drivers from a higher vantage point.

The sting called ‘Busted by The Bus’ was aimed at catching distracted drivers around school buses, and raising awareness of the danger. Eagan police caught 18 distracted drivers throughout the ride.

In Anoka this week, a police officer disguised as a pan-handler was catching distracted drivers at a stoplight.







Eagan police officer Luke Nelson strained to get a better look at an offender as he and fellow officers rode a school bus looking for distracted drivers during Wednesday’s “Busted by the Bus” initiative.

Minnesota law prohibits drivers from texting, reading or composing e-mails or accessing the web while behind the wheel. That includes when stopped at a traffic light.

“We should not have to put these types of operations together,” said Mike Hanson, director of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety. “These creative strategies are done with one focus, to bring attention to the chronic epidemic on our roads that does not have to be there.”


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