If you can, please stay home and stop the spread of COVID-19!

Here is a list of restaurants offering free lunch to students K-12 while schools are closed.

Gaming Methods Help Young Kids Grow Up To Be Better Drivers

Watch Vijay on KARE11 discuss the Driver-In-Making program and how it can plant the seed in young kids to be better drivers.


Leading From The Top: How High Schoolers are Changing the Distracted Driving Culture


Wayzata High School Covers Hands Free Law

Thank you to all those who joined us for the 12th Annual Raksha 5k Run/Walk!

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Distracted Driving News

Conquer Driver Distraction through Peer-to-Peer Education

June 10, 2012

Driver distractions originate from multiple sources that reside both inside and outside of the car. These distractions cannot be managed through a single solution or tool. We need a multipronged approach to influence how we drive. I see the evolution of this approach already taking place on three fronts, namely: Technology, Legislation and Education.

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Stay At Home should never mean you stay somewhere unsafe. There are places of sanctuary open for anyone facing abuse or violence. Please call Minnesota's statewide crisis hotline - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - at 1.866.223.1111 or text 612.399.9995.

Notifications can be distracting when behind the wheel. Put your phone in the glove box or hand it off to a passenger. Distracted driving is dangerous driving. #JustDrive

It’s fitting that today is #NationalDoctorsDay. Our doctors and health care workers deserve our deepest gratitude – they’re risking their lives to save others during this pandemic. As they work around the clock, you can help them by staying home. #StayHomeMN

So true Senator. Keep up it up. @vijaybdixit next door neighbor, an emergency room doctor, forced to see multiple patients using the same mask. She never did this before.

Dear @amyklobuchar
The Dixit family sending our prayers your way for a quick and full recovery for John.
- Best, Vijay

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