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Raksha 5k Run/Walk & Vigil

To End Distracted Driving

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Raksha Means Protection

The Hands Free Bill, signed into law by Governor Tim Walz, goes into affect on August 1st, 2019. We will have experts in attendance to answer any questions you may have about the new law.

Let us celebrate Distraction-Free Driving.

Distracted Driving News

Hands-free bill passes House Judiciary, headed to Ways and Means

March 6, 2019

House File 50, better known as the hands-free bill, passed out of the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division today, Wednesday, March 6, and is on its way to the House Ways and Means Committee. Paul Aasen, president of the Minnesota Safety Council, says that once it passes Ways and Means, it will be set for a floor vote. The House describes HF50 as: “Cellphone use while a motor vehicle is in motion prohibited, with hands-free mode exception.”

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Is it a Plea or Call to Action?

December 27, 2018

This is a Call to Action on two fronts. In the eleven-year long quest for a distraction-free driving world, we at Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation have noted some progress. Despite broad range support from all quarters, we continue to encounter new challenges. They are moving targets that are increasingly becoming difficult to track and manage. I am referring to new technologies installed in cars as well as in mobile devices that drivers and passengers carry as extensions to their bodies.

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Mikey Did NOT Do It Alone!!

December 10, 2018

Adults are as much or more to blame for poor driving practices like distracted driving. The famous sayings: like father like son or a fruit does not fall far from the tree are good examples. We adults are role models for our young ones. What we see in them is actually our own reflection.

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Tragedy to Advocacy: A Journey

December 2, 2018

Written by: VIJAY B. DIXIT, CHAIRMAN, SHREYA R. DIXIT MEMORIAL FOUNDATION November 1, for most of it is a mere date in a calendar. But it gives shudders to my family and my friends, a day that they cannot forget. November 1, 2007 was an earthquake that shook everything around us. It was the day that plucked right from our arms, the youngest member of our family, Shreya. A driver on that ill-fated day was not paying attention to driving,…

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Minnesota needs to get serious about distracted driving

November 26, 2018

This post was originally published in The Star Tribune. If the new administration of Gov.-elect Tim Walz and the reconfigured Legislature want to show Minnesotans they’re serious about ending gridlock and bickering in St. Paul, then tackling the issue of distracted driving would be a constructive and symbolic starting point. There should be no need for squabbling on this issue. Headlines far too frequently relay the tragic consequences of distracted driving, and that includes the use of handheld cellphones. The…

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Katie Brannelly was struck as pedestrian by a distracted driver on this day in 2013. The driver had received eight texts before the crash and was likely texting at the time that Katie was stuck. Katie died 15 months later while still in a rehab hospital. https://t.co/kDEl1yNRAQ

Check out this column from Vijay: 'Hands Free is Not Distraction Free'. #EndDistractedDriving #ItCanWait https://t.co/WDFhixpFGt

Howard's powerful Unfinished Story 'The Tree House' is a reminder of the tragedies that happen everyday due to distracted driving. #EndDistractedDriving for safer roads and happier communities. #UnfinishedStories

IN honor of the Senate vote today in Mass we share one of the families stories. Thank you @Safe_Roads and Emily Stein for all you do!! https://t.co/FQkQRyYIbK

Do you want to foster a culture of safe drivers in the Minnesota community? Join us on August 10th for the 12th annual Raksha 5k Run/Walk! Get more details and register here: https://t.co/ApDqrDofjB

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