Press Release: Raksha Walk Minnesota 2013

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A Family’s Fight for Safer Roads; October 12th event helps raise awareness of dangers of distraction-free driving

Introduction of exclusive behavior modification tool will help reduce fatalities and injuries.

(Minneapolis, MN) Vijay and Rekha Dixit want to make sure that no parent or family ever has to endure the pain and suffering they have lived with for nearly six years.

While anxiously waiting for their youngest daughter Shreya to return home to from the University of Wisconsin, Madison for a weekend visit, they got the dreaded phone call that no parent ever wants to receive – Shreya had been fatally injured in an automobile crash that was caused by a distracted driver.

With a strong desire to turn their grief into doing good, and to do what they could to help make the roads safer, Shreya’s family and friends established The Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation. Every year, the foundation sponsors a walk to raise awareness of distraction free driving. The 5K and 10K walks are scheduled for Saturday, October 12th at Purgatory Creek Recreation Area in Eden Prairie at 9AM. Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State and his wife Nancy will lead the walk.

This year, the foundation will release the Adaptive Massive Open Online Course (aMOOC™) distant learning application that will serve as an effective driver behavior modification tool, to help combat auto fatalities and injuries. By adapting to an individual’s learning style, the aMOOC™ technology imbedded in the application delivers an innovative customized learning experience to promote the foundation’s message and core belief that real change can only happen with changes in driver behavior.

“We expect that the aMOOC™ and application will foster disciplined and responsible driving behaviors by educating new and young drivers about driver distraction and its deterrence,” says Vijay Dixit, Shreya’s father.

In addition to the release of the application and introduction of the aMOOC™, other featured displays at the walk include distracted driving simulators from AT&T Wireless that will allow participants to test their driving behaviors and a crashed car with the history of the driver who crashed brought in by Minnesotans for Safe Driving.

“It was really hard to hear that in one split second of carelessness my sister was taken,” says Shreya’s older sister Nayha Dixit. “It’s unfair for people to take advantage of the responsibilities they have when they’re on the road. I just don’t want this to happen to anybody else or any other family.”

For more information about the Raksha Walk and The Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation, please visit their website To arrange for interviews with the Dixit family or representatives of the foundation, please contact Wendy Khabie at 763.443.8083 or via email