Rhode Island Takes lead on Distracted Driving Law

Distracted Driving to Become Part of Drivers Education Class in Rhode Island

A lot of attention has been placed on the legal implications of distracted driving in states across the country over the past several years. While this is an important piece of the puzzle, Rhode Island is also taking a different approach to help prevent distracted driving before it ever occurs. The state house and senate have passed bills which will require driver’s education classes in Rhode Island to include instruction and testing on the issue of distracted driving.

The instruction will cover a variety of different types of distraction, though much of the focus will be related to using cell phones for calling or texting while behind the wheel. If signed by the governor, driver’s education classes will begin including instruction on this important issue, and especially the risks associated with it.

While the primary focus of this bill is to help young students who are learning to drive, it will also affect experienced drivers looking to renew their licenses. All state license tests will include a section on distracted driving. It is hoped that keeping this deadly issue on the minds of all drivers will help reduce the number of people who are driving while distracted.

This new curriculum requirement will be combined with strict laws against distracted driving in Rhode Island to help prevent accidents caused by all types of distracted driving. Rhode Island hopes that teaching students and testing all drivers on the dangers of driving while distracted will help reduce the number of people participating in this risky behavior.