Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation Inspired Distracted Driving Story Wins Midwest Emmy

emmy award

Emmy Award received by Lindsey Seavert

In a series of stories, KARE 11 set out to expose the true consequences of texting and driving, first by showcasing the sorrows of the crime, by hearing from grieving parents who lost their children from the deadly behavior. A young man explains the irreversible choice to send a text behind the wheel, a split second decision that took the life of a classmate. Our research also set out to expose the brain science behind why the habit is so addictive.

Special thanks to Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation for introducing KARE 11 to the characters in this series, offering the compelling and tragic truth of texting and driving behavior.

The story received a regional Midwest Emmy award in the fall of 2016. -Lindsey Seavert, KARE11 (NBC Affiliate), Minneapolis