A Striking Resemblance: Batman and Raksha Walk, the Campaign for Distraction-free Driving

As Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundations prepares to host the 7th Raksha Walk for Distraction-free Driving, I look back at past six years. Our family was struck by a devastating tragedy and we resolved to find something good in it. One may term it strange, abnormal, weird, insane etc. etc. It is impossible for a family to lose a 19 year old child, in this case Shreya, and find something good in it? Why? I led the initiative to start the foundation in her name to combat distracted driving and felt like a higher calling pushing me from inside.

This is where Batman comes in.

Many of us grew up with Batman comic. There’s a defining theme which leads Bruce Wayne, the main character to avenge the loss of his parents killed by a robber, don the Batman cloak, and begin the crusade against evil. Remember Batman does not kill and he is non-violent.

Ok, that is fine, but where is the resemblance with foundation?

Let me describe it this way. Evil is distracted driving behavior. Batman cloak is the awareness cloak Shreya R. Dixit Foundation wears as it seeks to free drivers from the perils of distracted driving.
Losing a family member to this evil and starting a foundation is not any different than the neo-futuristic Batman character. Just like Batman encounters various adversaries in different episodes, we at the foundation face different forms of distractions on the roadways resulting from texting, eating, doing makeup, tending a crying baby in the car seat, running meetings on the phone; all while driving. How about trying to reach out for a napkin in the back? This is exactly what the driver of the car in which Shreya was riding, did. In a split second a precious life was lost, taking with it a future that we will never know Shreya was carving out for her.

Just like Batman always finds help no matter how arduous the battle is, we at Shreya R. Memorial Foundation have found numerous partners willing to take the challenge of combating this epidemic that has taken over our roadways. Won’t you all join us for the 7th Raksha Walk/Run for Distraction-free Driving in Eden Prairie? Details are available at www.shreyadixit.org.

So if Batman can do it so can we. Let us march together toward that goal.