e-Trainer / MOOC Technology Application

The free e-Trainer / MOOC Application is an online training course that teaches users about driving distraction-free.

It is the world’s first Adaptive Massive Open Online Course (aMOOC™)for distracted driving. 


  • Capable of recognizing your personal learning style
  • Delivers tailor-made content to accelerate learning.
  • Works on any tablet, smart phone, PC or Mac.


  • Delivers short, customized learning modules.
  • Keeps you fully engaged.


  • Learn on your schedule.
  • Choice of 65 languages.

So take this journey and click here to get started.

  1. Register for the course.
  2. Answer a few question so the technology may determine your learning style.
  3. Travel with this innovative adaptive technology through a new and memorable learning experience.

Happy aMOOCing to become a proud Distraction-free Driver!