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Committed to achieve zero traffic fatalities by harnessing cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing road safety.

Our Product: EyeDA

EyeDA, a cutting edge technology device targets distracted driving behaviors with proactive visual and audio alerts for the driver.

This easy-to-use solution requires minimal driver intervention. [Prototype shown in pictures]

Target Market

EyeDA targets large corporations, fleet operations, insurance companies, state agencies and individual consumers. It will also serve as a useful training tool for driver-ed programs.

The widespread adoption of EyeDA will promote a safer driving culture, reducing the risk of crashes, contributing to a paradigm shift in the market resulting in lower insurance premiums.

Current Status

Fifteen high school and college students are developing the EyeDA ecosystem, mentored by experts in Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence.

The product is compact, lightweight, resilient and easy to install.

An intuitive mobile application, and embedded electronics will provide statistics on individualized driving trends to help make changes in personal driving behaviors.

Moving Forward

The Shreya Innovation Lab plans strategic partnerships with technology firms, automotive manufacturers, and government agencies to gain resources, revenue, and expertise.

It will ensure EyeDA's products meet regulatory standards and promote public safety. EyeDA plans to use multiple channels to raise awareness of its road safety solutions.

The team will also showcase its offerings at industry events to connect with potential customers and partners.

EyeDA will make a valuable contribution for achieving the goal of zero deaths on the roads.

Planned Speaking Engagements

1. 26th Annual Michigan Traffic Safety Summit (June-2023)
2. 2023 Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths Conference (November 2023)

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