Raksha Walk 2015 a Success

Another successful walk organized by Shreya R Dixit Memorial Foundation.

Raksha Walk 2015

We estimate close to 250 attended the 8th Raksha Walk for Distraction-free Driving in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The Governor signed a proclamation declaring August to be observed as the Distraction-free Driving Day in Minnesota. Commissioner for Public Safety Mona Dohman urged attendees to not only embrace distraction-free driving habits themselves but also encourage others to do so.

Visit the site again for more pictures and highlights for the walk. Let us keep the momentum going and set an example for rest of the country.

Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation Driver-ed Grant Award Program Guidelines

As a leading advocate for distraction-free driving Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation invites applications for a $200 grant to defray Driver-Ed tuition costs.


The program is open for residents of Minnesota and Connecticut. The foundation’s Grant Program Committee will evaluate entries and select awardees.

There is no age restriction for the applicants. [Read more…]

Discover your inner Steven Spielberg for Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Distraction-free Driving PSA Contest

Winners Receive $150.00 or a Free College Level Production or Screenwriting Course. If you are a current or future driver-ed student, you might win additional $200. WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?

Due to repeated requests, the Shreya R. Dixit Foundation has decided to extend the deadline for the Distraction-Free Driving PSA contest to April 30th. You now have an additional two weeks to enter your Public Service Announcements.

The foundation is looking for PSAs of 60 seconds or less that illustrate the importance of safe and distraction-free driving practices. Official selections will have a special screening at the EDU Film Festival on May 15th. Our new partnership with the Annual EDU Film Festival and Independent Film Project of Minnesota for our First Distraction-free Driving PSA Contest for 21 years old or younger residents of Minnesota or Connecticut.  All semifinalist entries will be screened on May 15, 2015 at the Show Place ICON Theaters, St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Grand Prize is an approved college level production or screenwriting course at IPR College of Creative Arts for high schoolers.  The winner of the non-high school submission will receive a $150 in cash.  If you are in a driver-ed program, you may qualify for an additional $200 cash reward.

The new due date for submission is April 30. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate your passion for film production and get your video camera out.


Distracted Driving Featured on the Mary Hanson Show

Broadcast December 29, 2014 on Minnesota Public Television.

Mary Hanson spoke with Vijay Dixit, Founder of the Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation and Frank Hornstein, MN State Representative and Chairman of the Minnesota House Transportation Committee, about distracted driving.

They discussed how Vijay’s daughter was killed because of a distracted driver and how that affected his family. Frank Hornstein discusses what legislation is being put in place to help prevent accidents like that from continuing to happen. [Read more…]

Hello Parents! Get Ready for Your Own Driver-Ed Class

Is the above statement a hoax? No, it is true. Beginning January 1, 2015 a new Minnesota law goes into effect that affects your young wannabe drivers. If you are assigned to help a youngster obtain a driver license, your responsibilities just went up a notch.

You will now need to attend a parent awareness class along with your young driver-ed student. [Read more…]