Qualify to receive a $200 driver-ed stipend from a total of thirty made available by the foundation

Our new initiative helps needy youth with stipends to defray cost of their Driver Ed classes.

The board of Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation has allocated thirty (30) $200 stipends for needy driver-ed students registered in a state approved program. The funds are available on a first-come-first-served basis. You should be registered either in a current or future driver-ed class.

Contact us to take advantage of this funding. Request information by writing to: ShreyaDixitFoundation@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

We continue to deploy your generous donations to spread the message of distraction-free driving across communities.

A summary of our work:

  1. Produced a documentary, In a Split Second for free distribution to Driver Ed schools, High Schools and community organizations. It describes how a tragedy can be transformed into a grass roots educational campaign to conquer distracted driving.
  2. Awarded more than $ 6000 scholarships to college bound seniors who would take the message of safe driving to places away from home.
  3. Collaborating with DriverEd programs, we are positioned to help needy students defray the cost of Driver Ed. This initiative will allow us to encourage an increasing number youth drivers adopt safe driving habits. increase the number of beneficiaries.
  4. Partnering with AAA of Minneapolis in their newly rolled out Driver Ed Program.
  5. Participated in the Minnesota Teen Driver Safety Peer-to-peer education program with Minnesota Safety Council and Towards Zero Deaths (TZD) program. conference.
  6. Continue the distraction awareness campaign at elementary and junior school age students to catch them young to teach disciplined driving practices.

First Winner of Driver Ed Awareness Award: Congratulations-Taylor Buy

Taylor Buy of Minnehaha Academy wins $200 under the newly instituted Drive Awareness Awards to be given out throughout the year.

Taylor wrote the following poem.

Too Late

You’re driving with friends,
You’re having a blast,
You’re on your way to a party, it’s too late to go back…

The day is clear,
The best song is on,
But you jam out just a little too long…

You never saw that car,
You were going to fast,
But it’s way too late and then…CRASH!

The airbags deploy,
Crunching metal, shattered glass,
And now it’s too late, it happened too fast…

Black dots cloud your vision,
The seats are blood-tainted,
And now it’s too late, away you have fainted…

You wake up in the hospital,
It feels as though your head will explode,
Last thing you remember, you were out on the road…

Then you get the news,
You’re whole world is at it’s end,
And now it’s too late, because you’ve just killed your friend…

To go back to that moment,
If only you had reacted,
It’s too late now, but next time…
Don’t drive distracted.